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Merry the Toggenburg Goat

Merry, the domestic goat was found one night in December 2009 tied to the gate just outside the Wildworks facility. The little goat was very ill and her ribs and backbone were protruding. She was starving, and she was certain to be prey to the predators that live in the wild, so

Wildworks Director Mollie Hogan brought her back to the compound. Since we have four horses on the property we had plenty of hay available and Merry was given as much as she would eat.

But even with good food and a warm place to live her condition was not improving so we decided to take her to a veterinarian. And after treating her with penicillin injections she made a good recovery. Now she is strong enough to play with our dogs and run around the compound (devouring every plant in sight!).

Although, it will remain a mystery as to how Merry the little goat ended up at our doorstep in the dark of night and in such bad condition we’re happy that she did!

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Merry Through The Years
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