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Animal Interactions in Paso Robles, CA

Due to our temporary setup in Paso Robles, we have very limited options, but we still want you to be able to meet our animals! Scroll down to see what interactions we are currently offering. All interactions are about an hour and a half and cost $250 for two people, if you would like to add more people to your group, please email us to figure out pricing. We limit groups to 5 people.

Our interactions offer a very unique and private experience with our animals. Our animals enjoy smaller, quieter groups, which is why we limit the size of our groups. If the animal is more comfortable, then you and the animal will get to enjoy a better experience.

Email Meagan at meagan@natureofwildworks.org to book an interaction.

Fox Fun

Ever been kissed by a fox? Have you ever wondered exactly how positive reinforcement training works? If you book a fox interaction with us you will get to meet Spring, our gray fox, as well as our new red fox trio Boo, Sugar, and Nightwing! Watch Spring zoom around and use her fantastic fox agility, and then once she's done playing you'll get to enjoy some nice fox kisses. Our fox trio are a unique set of red foxes in the sense that they aren't red! Learn all about the different red fox color mutations and see how positive reinforcement training works with three very different personalities.


Join Boxer the African Serval on a walk! That's right, we said take the CAT for a walk. Walking a cat, whether it be domestic or exotic, is a very different experience from walking a dog. Learn all about African Servals while going on a nice peaceful stroll. Boxer will be so grateful you came to take him for a walk, we're sure you'll hear his meows of delight.

Every walk will be a unique experience and completely depends on how Boxer is feeling that day.

Critter Cuddles

If you're looking for a little playtime with a smaller crowd, then this is just the thing for you. We can offer interactions with our ferrets, hedgehog, and snakes. We encourage those who have a fear of snakes to allow us to help you overcome them. We will go as slow as you are comfortable with, even if you leave with just standing near them and allowing us to teach you a little about them, we will consider it a step in the right direction. After meeting our scaly friends, we'll bring out Hailstorm the hedgehog and end the interaction with a fun filled ferret play date!

This interaction is great for kids!

Extended Interactions
  • Book two interactions of your choice for $400. This extended interaction will be about 2 hours.

  • If you can't choose, then why not all three? For $550, you can spend three hours with all of our animals that are available for interactions.

Traveling to Paso from a distance? Feel free to email us (meagan@natureofwildworks.org) for suggestions on places to stay, eat, and other things to do. Also be sure to check out Conservation Ambassadors to see what other fun animal things they offer, you can always add something with them to your day with us!