Off-Site Programs

We offer a variety of inspiring and informative educational outreach programs featuring our native wildlife as well as a few exotic animals from around the world. Our domestic animals travel with us as well to provide more interactive opportunities with the audience and to show why they can make good pets and why wild animals do not. Our programs focus on conservation and the importance of respecting our wildlife and their natural habitats. Listed below are descriptions of our current outreach offerings.

Due to current restrictions from COVID-19, we are offering Virtual Presentations. If you would like to book a virtual program please click here.

Please email us at if you are interested in booking a program.

Due to our relocation, some animals may not be available for in-person presentations. Our birds are currently located in Arizona. Our mammals are in Paso Robles, CA. Thank you for your patience. We are offering programs in both California and Arizona with the animals that are located in that area.

Age levels are recommendations, but all programs can be tailored towards any audience. All presentations will be unique and tailored towards your specific audience.

Additional fees could apply to fees below:

  • An additional $200 for every extra hour.

  • A $75 fee for anywhere further than 50 miles.

Private Parties

We also offer educational programs for private venues and can custom tailor them for you. If you would like to book an educational program for a private party, please email us at

Animals that can be used for private parties include:

  • Hedgehog

  • Gray Fox

  • Snake

  • Ferrets

  • Prairie Dog

Our Wild Neighbors

Meet some amazing birds, mammals, and reptiles that are native to the Western United States. In fact, you might even see them right in your own backyard! This program focuses on the lifestyles and habits of our local critters, the contributions that wild animals make to the urban environment, and the problems they face with humans encroaching on their habitats. We will compare life in nature to the life these critters now live in the city. You will get to meet our local injured and orphaned wildlife ambassadors and our rescued domestic animals. Along with our native ambassadors, meet some of our former illegal pets who tend to not be from the area and learn how they effect our ecosystem. Learn how animals deal with natural disaster, changing environments, and how each and every one of us can help by becoming better stewards of our environment, as well as, responsible pet guardians.

Appropriate for 5th grade and up, great for adults too!

45 minute presentation with 15 minutes for questions (1 hour total).

$425 for classroom

$500 for assembly

***Only available in California.

Raptor Force

This is your opportunity to experience some of the most majestic birds of the natural world and to gain an insight into the historic art of falconry, the sport of Kings and Queens. To meet a hawk, owl, falcon and turkey vulture up close is a fascinating experience for children and adults. Participants will learn about falconry basics, about the habits of raptors and hear all about their personal stories. If the program is indoors we may be able to fly a hawk!

Appropriate for 3rd grade and up, great for adults too! Each program will be tailored to your specific audience.

45 minute presentation with 15 minutes for questions (1 hour total).


***Only available in Arizona. Click here for more information on what we are offering in Arizona.

Conservation Kids

How does recycling help our environment and the animals that live there? How do opossums help keep our cities and your backyard clean? How can hawks and owls help keep diseases from spreading? In this program, children learn that by being "green" we not only help wildlife but wildlife helps ensure the health and safety of humans and their pets. They even get to help one of our dogs learn to recycle!

Appropriate for 1st grade and up. Each program will be modified for your audience.

45 minute presentation with 15 minutes for questions.

$425 for classroom

$500 for assembly

***Only available in California.