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Friends for Life

Please consider joining our family of on-going supporters by becoming a Friend for Life and making your donation a "Monthly Recurring Donation." An automatic monthly donation can be designed to fit within your monthly budget and provide the Nature of Wildworks with a reliable source of income to meet our immediate needs as well as some of our specific goals.

On-going needs include species specific diets for all the wild birds, mammals, and reptiles, monthly parasite prevention, medications, top-quality veterinary care for every animal at our center whenever needed, and behavioral enrichment on a daily basis in the form of walks, toys, training, petting, flying, and love and attention.

Now for the GOALS

Completing construction of the spacious habitats in the forest (we are almost there!).


Adding new improved shelves and den boxes for the cats and foxes and a pool for Rocket the Raccoon!


Beginning (and finishing) construction of our giant Freedom Run.

And of course providing lifetime care for many more animals in need.

We look forward to welcoming you to the family!

All YOU have to do is click that "donate" button and make a monthly donation of $10 or more.

Click here if you do not want to use PayPal.

Become a part of the Family

When you become a Friend for Life you truly become a part of the family. You will get exclusive invites to special opportunities and events at Wildworks plus a free visit to Wildworks every year. Don't live nearby? Don't worry we aren't forgetting you! We will be putting on a live virtual event every year for any Friend for Life who wishes to attend, no matter where you are.

Thank you to our current Friends for Life

Stacy Baird

Evelyn Baran

Kristin Byrne

Jeanne Cameron

John Cross

Ron & Brenda Cruz

Carolyn Davis

Hava Derby

Kelly & Jonathan Draxton

Pamela Engebretson

Dennis & Nancy Ervin

Pat Flynn

Miriam Freeman

Vicki & Dean Ford

Laura Goggia

Rebecca Goldfarb

Michelle Greene

Cherie Hand

Danny & Amy Hogan

Mollie Hogan

Pat Hogan

Marsha Houston

Pauline Jackson

Audrey Johnson

Robin Kaswick

Paul & Kariina Kelson

Judith Law

Joan Lewis

Kevin & Kathy Lukan

Susan Dugger-Mathison & Stan Mathison

Donna McCullough

Judy Moore

Regan Nelson

David & Debbie Platt

Jennifer Poole

Suzi Rodriguez

Nicole Rogers

Rhonda Salisbury

Ami Sanghvi

Kareen Shane

Lin Tanenbaum

Kit Teater

April Thompson

Sharon Vargo

Paul & JoAnn Wagenbreth

Larry & Rosemarie Wright

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