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Zeke & Zac the Kinkajous

These two brother kinkajous were housed at Sea World San Diego and needed to find a new home. They used to do shows at Seaworld, but one day decided they didn't want to anymore. Seaworld respected Zeke & Zac's decision and decided to find them a new forever home where they could live out their early retirement.


Zeke and Zac were hand-raised by people and adjusted quickly upon their arrival at Wildworks. Kinkajous are omnivorous and Zeke and Zack are fed a varied diet, but fruit is always their first choice. Sometimes they will hang from their prehensile tail to snag a piece of fruit right out of the hands of an unsuspecting caretaker. Their favorite foods are bananas—and blueberry muffins!

Kinkajous live in the rain forests of South America and are relatives of the raccoon. They have little dexterous hands that they use to grab branches and food. Their prehensile tail is also used as an extra hand to help them navigate through the trees. Another name for the kinkajou is "honey bear" because they use their extra long tongues to lap up honey from bee hives.

Even though Zeke & Zac are nocturnal they still come out to the sound of a peeling banana or the crack of a can of coconut water opening.

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Zeke & Zac Through The Years

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