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Milo the Opossum

Milo arrived in our care in the summer of 2022 when he was barely 6 inches long. The rule with opossums is that if they are less than 6 inches from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail then they are too little to be able to survive on their own. Milo was found with his litter mates, but with no mom, they were orphans. Our long time volunteer from when we were in Topanga, Monica, still does rehab with squirrels and opossums for a rehab center in Longbeach was the one taking care of this litter of baby opossums. Once they were big enough she needed to see if they were eligible for release or find homes for them. We were so excited to hear from her because we had been without an opossum for quite some time. We of course said yes to taking Milo and now he gets to call Wildworks his forever home and has the important job of being an ambassador for his species.

Milo originally came to us with his brother Otis, but when they got older, Milo decided he was a better fit for being a wild opossum and is now living his best opossum life out in nature.

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Meet Milo
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