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Ball Python

Turbo the Ball Python has been donated to Wildworks, twice. Turbo first came to Wildworks while we were located in Topanga Canyon, California. The facility was a wonderful home for our animals that could not be released into nature, however a few things were not available to us there. One of those things was the ability to have a temperature-controlled room for non-native species of reptiles. Ball pythons are native to Africa, and are often sold as pets here in the U.S. They require a certain amount of humidity and warmth to remain healthy. All of our snakes had to be ones' native to California that could deal with the colder, drier weather. Turbo stayed with us for a little while until it was determined she would do best in a space that could give her better humidity. One of our wonderful volunteers, Charlotte, offered to house Turbo. Charlotte would bring Turbo to educational programs while providing her with the best possible home. When Charlotte moved up the state, Turbo officially became Charlotte’s pet snake and continued to have a beautiful home with Charlotte. Then in 2022 Charlotte decided to move again, this time to Hawaii. Hawaii is very aware of the problem non-native reptiles present, as with the already introduced species that are there are invasive to the islands. Unable to move Turbo with her, Charlotte asked if Turbo could return to Wildworks and of course we said yes. Since our move to Coarsegold, California included more space and a better room for temperature control we were finally ready to house Turbo properly. Being over 30 years old, Turbo is one of our oldest animal residents. She is still more than ready to go to programs and educate the public.

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