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Rocket the raccoon was set up on a blind date... quite literally.

Meet Galaxy, hopefully the newest resident here at Wildworks. A while back we got a call from a rehab center in Santa Barbara. A baby raccoon had been found in a dumpster and was brought to them for rehabilitation and eventual release. Little did they know, she was blind. Well, not completely blind. Galaxy has what is called Retinal Dysplasia. She seems to be able to follow light and shadows and can see things up close, but not far away. She also does seem to have moments of complete blindness. However, this does not stop her from getting around.

Once it was determined that Galaxy was not eligible for release, they needed to find permanent placement for her. That was when we got the call. We said yes, but under one condition. We will do a trial period to see if she gets along with Rocket. We do not have the space for another singly housed raccoon, but if Rocket could get a playmate, it would be perfect. Galaxy got here last week and so far they are both getting along great!


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