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There’s nothing cuter than a kitten…..especially when it’s a serval kitten!

Meet Cleo (short for Cleopatra), our newest addition to the Wildworks feline family.

Before she came our way this little cutie was destined to become a pet in a state where, even though it might be legal it’s still never a good idea. We decided that she would most certainly have a better life with us in a huge enclosure at our new facility where she could teach people that wild and exotic cats do not make good pets. Cleo is already walking on a leash and has been the star of two public outreach programs. Because she is a kitten, she is still being cared for in the house where we are experiencing first hand why they don’t make good house pets. She has made friends with house-cats Jesse and Mr. White and they endlessly tear around from room to room seeking and destroying all in their path. When the weather permits she spends time outside with Cory the marbled red fox who gets along with just about anybody.

The African serval cat is a member of the small cat family and is similar to the North American bobcat in size. With their long legs and amazing jumping ability they are magnificent hunters in the wild, snatching birds right out of the sky. As you can see, they are absolutely beautiful to look at and we hope that you can all come to Wildworks and meet Cleo someday soon. But in the meantime we will share endless photos of cuteness

African Serval Cat

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