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Boo, Nightwing, & Sugar

​These three siblings came to us in the spring of 2021. Although they are all different colors, they are actually Red Foxes. Red Foxes have become quite the popular pet in the illegal pet trade after an experiment in Russia to see how fast they could domesticate the Red Fox ended up with a bunch of different color morphs. Boo, Nightwing, and Sugar were originally destined to be sold as pets in Los Angeles on Craigslist, but Fish & Wildlife quickly caught on and intervened. Foxes are not legal to have as pets in California, and for good reason. Red Foxes are actually an invasive species. Most originated from Europe and were brought over by European settlers for their fur. With their intelligence and having animals with similar niches in North America, the red fox quickly made North America their home. They tend to outcompete our native North American foxes including the Swift Fox and the Gray Fox. Besides their invasive nature, they are also stinky, cannot be house trained, and will eat almost anything in sight!

After Boo, Nightwing, and Sugar were confiscated, they were brought to a facility in Orange County and cared for by keepers who loved them dearly. Unfortunately, when COVID-19 hit, the facility could not stay open and all of their animals had to be rehomed. A good friend of Wildworks recommended to them that they contact us for housing the three foxes. We are crazy for foxes after all!

​When they contacted us we thought their story sounded too similar to our previous Silver Fox, Mikey. Turns out, Mikey was a part of the same litter! Once we heard that, we knew we had to take in the three siblings.

Boo, Nightwing, and Sugar have adjusted wonderfully to their new home in Paso Robles and we can’t wait to get to know them even more and eventually welcome them to our future permanent home for Wildowrks.

Red Fox

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