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Autumn & Sassafras (Sassy)

These two little sisters came to us at about 3 months old in the summer of 2020 from the Lindsay Wildlife Center in Northern California. They were found orphaned and starving in the wild. Since they are not native to California, they cannot be released back into nature, and believe us, they never would have survived either.

​As soon as we got Autumn and Sassy, we knew there was something a little special about them. First of all, they were tiny! Second, they both hurt their legs within the first 24 hours of having them simply by exploring their new enclosure. Third, they did not know how to chew. We determined that they were the runts of their litter and must not have received quite as much nutrition as their larger siblings (who all found different forever homes at other wildlife facilities) before they were caught. It was clear that their bones and ligaments did not properly form, but thanks to Lindsay Wildlife and our continued care, their legs were able to mend, and they started becoming real foxes, sort of.

We are so excited to watch our teeny tiny mini fox sisters grow up. While they may never become full-sized, they still take up the same amount of room in our hearts as our full sized foxes.

Red Fox

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