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Alice & Allen

We got Allen from a responsible bunny breeder after Betty White lost her companion, Walter White. When it comes to introducing an adult female to another bunny, it is easiest to get a baby male bunny. Rabbits are highly territorial and will fight each other if another unknown rabbit comes into their territory. This is the reason why we decided to go with a reliable and responsible rabbit breeder. We needed to know we were getting a baby male rabbit for Betty White.

​Allen & Betty lived a happy life together for while grooming each other and sharing hay spaghetti. Unfortunately, Betty's age caught up to her (we never truly knew how old she was). Now Allen had lost his companion, and then came Alice.

Alice came to Wildworks in 2020. Poor Allen Bunny lost his companion Betty and was in need of a new friend. Sometimes when rabbits are born at "rabbitries" they are considered not quite perfect enough to sell as pets. Well, we thought Alice was completely perfect enough for us and for Allen, so we decided to rescue her. Alice and Allen have been quite the cute bunny couple and are completely inseparable!

Here at Wildworks we believe that bunnies make great pets, however, we encourage you to do your research before getting one as a pet. Also, consider rescuing one from a shelter. Every year bunnies are bought as pets (especially around Easter) and end up in shelters because people don't realize how much responsibility they are. Bunnies are great! But make sure you know what you are getting into before welcoming one into your family.

Lop-eared & Dwarf Rabbit

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