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Gale & Sue-nami the African Pygmy Hedgehogs

Gale and Sue-nami came to us as a pair. They were former pets that ended up at another wildlife rescue. They actually had a surplus of rescued hedgehogs. Hedgehogs are actually illegal to have as pets in California, so if people have them then they either get caught and confiscated, or the owners responsibly relinquish them. Unfortunately there are not enough wildlife rescues to take in all of these illegal hedgehogs, so either places get overrun with them, or the hedgehogs have to be euthanized. Something to definitely take into consideration before deciding to get an illegal pet right? Since most of us who run wildlife rescues have a big heart

for animals, we end up taking them in, because it's just too sad of an outcome for an animal to have to be euthanized just because someone made an irresponsible decision.

So, when we heard this facility had a few extra hedgehogs we jumped at the opportunity to take them in and give them a forever home. Our last hedgehog passed a few months prior and we just can't go too long without having those cute little noses around. Gale and Sue-nami will have the important jobs of being educational ambassadors. Hopefully you'll see them soon at our next booth or educational program!

Sponsor Gale & Sue-nami by clicking the button below to donate to their care.
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