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Spring the Gray Fox

Spring came to us from Northern California in the fall of 2018 at 7 months old. We got a call from a rehab facility saying they had a very friendly and habituated gray fox. Since our old lady Fern had been retired for a while, we thought it would be great to have a young friendly gray fox, but how friendly was she really? Well, they sent us video of them holding her while she gave them kisses on the mouth (this is how she earned the nickname kissy fox). We went to pick her up a few days later.

As far as we know Spring was born in the wild. She was caught because she was wondering around a neighborhood starving and going up to every single person she came across asking for food. This is a very strange behavior for a wild animal. She even attended someone’s morning yoga class every day. When animals behave like this, people start to worry about disease. Spring was caught and brought to a rehab facility to be evaluated. She was perfectly healthy and disease free, but she was way too habituated to people. It was determined, for her safety and wellbeing, that she should not be released back into nature, which is when they called us for her forever home.

The second we got Spring we knew she was special, and that maybe there were a few missing pieces in her history. The second day we had her she was walking on a leash, she wagged her tail at any human that passed by, and she gave kisses to anyone who would accept them. We think she might have secretly been someone’s pet who decided they no longer wanted a stinky and destructive fox in the house. Unfortunately, when an animal has been raised by humans, even a wild animal, that

usually means a life in human care for them because they were never taught the necessary skills to survive out in the harsh world on their own.

We are so pleased that Spring ended up with us, because even though she can’t be out in nature, we know she is getting the best care possible with us. She has become an excellent ambassador for her species going to multiple programs at schools and parks within her first year with us. She still loves teaching people and she especially loves when people come and visit her so she can give kisses. Click here if you would like to meet Spring in person.

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Spring Through The Years

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