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Lucy the Fennec Fox

Lucy came to us in the summer of 2022 from another wildlife care center in Southern California. When the pandemic hit, many outreach facilities like us and the one Lucy came from struggled. How do you continue your mission of connecting people to nature and wildlife when you can't be there in person? With over 20 years under her belt, Lucy's former caregiver decided it was time to retire. She only had about 10 animals, which meant she has a very special connection to each of them. She wanted to find the absolute best place to rehome the animals that needed to be placed and immediately thought of Wildworks. Why not call up the crazy fox ladies to find a perfect home for your fox? She has also known Mollie for a long time, and knew any animal placed in her care would receive the best care possible. 

Lucy has adjusted very quickly and has quite the personality. The way to Lucy's heart? Scrunchies! Yes, those things we all wore around our ponytails in the 80's and 90's. If you walk into Lucy's enclosure with a scrunchie, she comes running down her ramp screaming her happy fox scream and wagging her tail. Then she flops over onto her back waiting for you to pick her up and give her belly rubs. This is now our daily morning routine (after saying hi to Spring of course, who has already become a little jealous of Lucy and doesn't want to lose the title of cutest, sweetest fox). 

Lucy is retired from educational outreach programs due to her recurring IBS (irritable bowl syndrome) that she was diagnosed with in 2020, but she is only 8 years old so she still has many years with us and we cannot wait for you all to meet her once we are able to have on-site visits!

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Get To Know Lucy
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