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Petrie the rooster is a dinosaur. At least that’s how he looks to everyone who meets him. A little bantam rooster of unknown breed, Petrie was originally going to be dinner for a carnivore. Donated to Zoo to You to be humanely euthanized for providing food to their animals Petrie was being picked on by the other donation chickens. He sought peace in our little nook while were staying at Zoo to You with our wild animals. Quickly following us around and even gently taking veggie scraps from our hands, Petrie found a new home with us. We soon build him a coup and began to crate train him. Petrie loves to train for dried mealworms, he goes in his crate and follows our feet for walks. Petrie started his role of companion rooster by living with Sunny our Macaw. Sunny doesn’t particularly care for other birds but as long as it isn’t another parrot, he’s pretty neutral. Petrie provided excellent clean-up of Sunny’s crumbs (parrots are naturally messy eaters at this helps them “farm” the rainforest). After moving to Coarsegold our turkey vulture Harry found himself in need of another bird companion, he has had many hen friends over the decades he’s been with us. We introduced the two and they get along very well.

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