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Rocket the raccoon is about 10 months old and comes to us from the Lindsay Wildlife center who cared for Rocket for the past four months. Rocket was raised by humans and is completely habituated (does not fear people). For this reason Rocket will never be able to return to nature. When animals like Rocket go to a wildlife rehabilitation center and are deemed non-releasable there are only two options, lifetime care at a permitted wildlife facility or euthanasia.

We are so thankful we are able to take in Rocket and provide him with lifetime care. Living with us he will be provided vet care, proper nutrition, behavioral enrichment, and be able to be an ambassador for his species.

Rocket has already started to settle in. He plays with his new dog friend Star, feels comfortable in his very own house, watches the other animals (gee that’s a lot of foxes!), plays in his kiddie pool, and enjoys the attention of his new caregivers. We look forward to sharing Rocket’s adventures with you. As he has just joined us yesterday we do not yet have a sponsorship button available for him on our website (we will soon!), however we greatly appreciate any amount of help in providing Rocket with everything he needs.


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