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Bobby the Bobcat

Bobby was bred at a fur farm and originally meant to be a fur coat. Luckily, an individual rescued him from that fur farm to be their pet. Bobby's life was saved by this individual. He was a beloved house pet who loved to ride in cars and was living with house cats and dogs in the household until he was seen by someone passing by and was reported to Animal Control officials in 2008 when he was two years old. He was taken to a shelter that called Mollie Hogan. As soon as she saw him, she knew she had to bring him home – He was so cute and affectionate!

Bobby’s previous family took very good care of him except for one thing: they had him declawed. In the process, not only were the claws removed, but the tips of the paws as well, making it impossible for him to climb and very uncomfortable to jump or to walk very far. He now lives at Wildworks in a large space equipped with soft blankets on the floor, toys, and a ramp up to a sleeping shelf to help his sore feet.

Bobby now plays an important role at Wildworks educating people about why animals should not be turned into fur coats and why wild animals do not make good pets. While we are so grateful for Bobby's life being spared and for the care he received from his owners, we do not condone him being a pet. He also gives the important message of why you should not declaw any cats, including your house cats. Click here to learn more about cat declaw surgery.

In order to give him the best care possible we must give him medication for the pain in his paws every day, which adds up fast! Any donation to Bobby will directly go towards making sure he has the best and most comfortable life possible. Bobby thanks you in advance!

If you would like to meet Bobby yourself, consider booking an interaction with him.

Sponsor Bobby by clicking the button below to donate to his care.
Bobby Through The Years

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