Stella the Domestic Ferret

Stella came to us while we were still at Zoo to You in Paso Robles. Zoo to You got a call about a ferret that had been confiscated by CA Fish & Wildlife. Ferrets are not legal to have as pets in California due to the possibility of them becoming an invasive species. Her previous owners tried to get her across the border to Nevada, but were not successful in finding an appropriate home for her.

At first she was supposed to have her forever home at Zoo to You, but she got along so well with our three boys- Peter Pan, Mr. Smee, and Crocodile, that we all agreed that it would be best for her to live the rest of her life with us and her new friends.

Stella has quite the personality and is the perfect match for our other two-year-old Crocodile. She can always be found snuggling with any of the three boys, and loves bounding around on the lawn for playtime.

Hopefully one day you will get to meet Stella and friends at one of our outreach programs or on a visit to our facility!

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