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Running Free

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Thank you for your continued support!

Thanks to our generous and loyal supporters, James & Caroline Gerstley and Carolyn Davis, we are starting the year out right with a fundraiser for our Freedom Run! Help us raise funds for the giant play yard (The Free Run) in our permanent sanctuary. Thanks to the Gerstley's and Carolyn Davis, we can raise $13,000. All you have to do is help us raise the first $6,500 and then they will match your donations.

The Free Run will allow animals to go to a space outside of their regular habitats. It is a large, enclosed area that has natural foliage, rocks, and trees that is different from their every day homes. Animals can be switched in and out so everyone gets to enjoy the space on their own time, or we can put animals that get along together. It creates the perfect neutral space to safely introduce animals and give them an opportunity to have play dates and make new friends. The animals also enjoy smelling the scents of animals that were in before them. The Free Run will create endless enrichment opportunities for the animals. It is a way for us to truly make their days and lives better. Currently, thanks to your previous generosity, we have a small play yard set up near our temporary facility, but this fundraiser is for a bigger and better play yard (which will be called the Free Run) down at our permanent sanctuary. Take a look below to see where the Free Run will be.

If you would like to mail a check, please send it to:


The Nature of Wildworks

PO Box 1473

Coarsegold, CA 93614

This is a Valentine's fundraiser, all donations need to be made by the end of the

day on February 14th to be matched. Donations can be made any time before

then. Help us reach our goal to raise $6,500!

Take a look below to see the space where the Free Run will be.

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