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Ball Python

Artemis is a Ball Python who came to us in 2021. Reptiles are very long-lived and sometimes things come up that make it so their owners can’t care for them for their whole lives. This was exactly the case with Artemis. We knew his previous owner and immediately said yes when asked if we could help them out and give Artemis a home. Artemis is what is called a “piebald” ball python, which means he is missing pigment on part of his body. That is why he has that impressive white section of scales. Ball Pythons have become very popular pets which is why there are a lot of different color mutations out there now. Ball Pythons tell the important story of knowing where you are buying your pet from. More than 3 million ball pythons have been exported from West Africa since the 1980’s. You never want to encourage taking animals out of the environment, so always make sure the animal you are buying is coming from a responsible breeder.

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