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Lily, Chess, Glory, and Knight


Palomino Saddlebred Mare
Lily arrived as a yearling in 2016 all the way from Tennessee. A little Palomino Saddlebred, she will mature as a tall giraffe-necked beauty and she fits right into the herd. Glory, our older mare keeps her in line and although she gets along with everyone Lily has buddied up with Knight our grey Andalusian cross gelding. Lily is learning” “the ropes” and our friend the horse whisperer, Sol Spitz, ponies Lily and Glory out into the hills with Chess in the lead while I ride wild Knight, so he can go too! When Lily is 3 we’ll get on her and go! Lily and her equine buddies all participant in our on-site “Horsin’ Around” classes. The American Saddlebred is referred to as the “Horse America Made” Descended from horses bred at the time of the American Revolution, the Saddlebred includes the Pacer, Thoroughbred and Morgan as it’s ancestors. Saddlebreds are known for their sense of presence and style and their spirited, yet gentle, temperament. They are considered a gaiting breed.

Chestnut Arabian Gelding
Chess is a chestnut Arabian gelding who has lived here most of his life. With flaxen mane and tail, four white feet and a star on his forehead to match, he truly stands out in a crowd. Chess excels at doing tricks for treats and gets oh so excited when he's asked to wave or rear-up for a carrot.

Bay Arabian Mare
Be Glorious V (AKA Glory), is a fancy and sweet-as-can-be bay Arabian mare. The "V" stands for Varian which means that Glory was bred by the famous Sheila Varian, founder of Varian Arabian Farms. Glory has the thickest black mane and tail that you'll ever brush and a super-shiny coat to match. She's the she's the boss!

Grey Arabian/Andalusia Cross Gelding
Knight is a grey Andalusian/Arabian cross and he's the tallest of the three. Knight is elegant and goofy all at the same time, dancing around on his long, strong legs but always stopping to kiss any face in the crowd. Although he was almost black as a foal, Knight is gradually growing into his pure white adult coat. As he gets closer his almost white hair is needing special care!

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