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JackJack and Seattle


JackJack and Gracie-Lou were donated to us from Underwood Family Farms in the summer of 2018 to be companions for our Toggenburg goat, Merry. Goats are herd animals and prefer to be in groups. Merry had lived alone for most of her life since no other goats came our way, so she made her own little herd with the dogs. In fact, we're pretty sure she thought she was a dog until JackJack and Gracie arrived. The two youngsters came to us under a year old which is beneficial for introductions. They almost immediately bonded to Merry and she also welcomed them into her herd. After a little while of living with JackJack and Gracie, Merry started making goat sounds and showing more goat-like behaviors. She finally knew she was a goat!

JackJack & Gracie are half siblings and are quite the duo. With Merry's old age and need for extra care, we decided she needed her own pen, but still with visual access to JackJack & Gracie. These two have proven to be a great addition to our Wildworks domestic family. They love going for walks and clicker training. They even tried a little bit of goat yoga!

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