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Miniature Aussie

The other day I was looking at dogs for adoption on my computer (Yes… I’m addicted to dogs!) and so I can certainly understand the attraction to any dog much less a little fluffy ball of fur with two blue eyes. Who could resist?

Window shopping for animals on the internet can be fun but the mistake is made when you push the pay button and ship the little fluff ball across the United states without thinking it through. Any healthy puppy is rambunctious, requires a lot of time, energy and patience but, I speak from experience when I say, you can double that when adopting a herding breed.

An Australian Shepherd, even a mini, is just not an apartment dog and although his former family had treated him kindly his need to run and run (and herd everything in sight) was not an option in their limited environment.

So when a friend of the dog’s family toured our wildlife center and saw my dog Star, a female Border Collie/Aussie (Bossie!) she pointed and said “Do you want another dog like that? I quickly said “NOOOO!” but (did I mention I was addicted to dogs?) then I said “Send me a picture”.

When I met the 2-year-old miniature Australian shepherd I liked him right off but what clinched the deal was Star’s reaction. The dogs launched into play mode and have been glued together ever since. I changed his name to “Sky” to go with “Star” and blue-eyed Sky Boy is busily herding foxes, coyotes, horses and a resistant goat named Merry. The blue-eyed fluffball is home for good.


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