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Mr. White

Turkish Van (mix)

You may remember Mollie’s calico cat, Zuma. The beautiful little sweety served for 18 years as a Wildworks on-site ambassador. Passing away peacefully in May 2022 the special girl sped over the rainbow bridge. Just a few months earlier, Mollie’s FIV tuxedo cat Mac had passed from cancer. Then a week after saying goodbye to Zuma a tragic surprise death took her oh-so-wonderful young orange-tabby cat Rusty. Mollie was heartbroken, and after 3 days of being catless she drove to the Verde Valley Humane Society. It was there that she met Mr White.

His owner had passed away and he had been at the shelter for awhile. It was love at first sight. She adopted him on the spot and soon after he made the trip to his permanent home in Coarsegold. With his large white body and long raccoon-like tail, Mr. White is extra special. He’s young but calm, gorgeous but not snobby and smart but not too smart. He loves all people and sleeps on the bed with his dog friends Star and Sky.Welcome to Wildworks, Mr White!


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