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Barn Owl

When a horse ranch in Agoura Hills received a hay delivery, 5 baby Barn Owls were discovered in the bales. Since mom was not with them, they were instant orphans. This little guy was the youngest at only 3 days old when found. He was donated to Wildworks when he was four weeks old. He had been held and petted a lot before then and was very imprinted on people. We named him Dancer because whenever he did his toe-dusting routine, he would also alternately lift his right then left foot up. Toe-dusting is when a Barn Owl puts his head down between his feet and shakes his head back and forth. This baby just added his own dance steps. He is already a veteran of our educational programs, and walks right into his travel carrier on his own. He will be able to live with Bow, our 3-year old Barn Owl that has a badly damaged wing. And we hope they'll be friends and 'mew-mates' for a very long time.

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