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Crocodile & Stella

We have always loved having ferrets and welcome them to Wildworks whenever a call for one comes around. Ferrets are a domesticated species. They were domesticated from the European Polecat and used to hunt rabbits. Since then they have come a long way in their domestication. A few ferrets were even responsible for wiring a concert in London! Unfortunately due to their high adaptability, they are illegal in California because they have the potential to become an invasive species. They could over-hunt small mammals and birds, out-compete our native weasel, and introduce new diseases to the environment that could wipe out our native animals. All of our ferrets are confiscated, relinquished, or escaped pets. If wildlife facilities like us could not take in these ferrets that were irresponsibly kept as pets in California, then they would reach the unfortunate fate of euthanasia. This is why we find it so important to use our ferrets as educational ambassadors.

Peter Pan had a rough road to Wildworks. He started out as a pet in a different state, where ferrets are legal. His owner soon had to leave the house they lived in due to personal issues and was unable to bring him and his other ferret friend with her. The other person in the house refused to give them proper care and the other ferret passed away. Upon learning this, the original owner began to ask friends to pick up Peter and her other animals still at the house, as she could not return. One of them took Peter and the remaining animals to California and all seemed to be well again. Then this person decided not to keep Peter and told the original owner that they were planning to sell him. So once again, she began to call her friends and ask someone to take Peter. Finally, one of her friends offered to take him temporarily. When she picked up Peter, he was being kept in a tiny cage that wasn’t even big enough for him to stretch out in and had clearly not been cleaned in some time. He had a small amount of cheap cat food (very low in nutrients) and no visible water source. He was thin, had feces and urine in his fur, and was dehydrated.  But this was where things started to look up for Peter. His new temporary owner got him a proper enclosure, cleaned him up and gave him plenty of good food and water. Once he began to look healthier, she asked the original owner where to bring him and was told that she could just bring him to a shelter because they couldn't find a home. Thankfully, this girl knew of the Nature of Wildworks and called us up, hoping we would have space for him.
We welcomed Peter Pan home with open arms (and paws) and he quickly became good friends with our other ferrets we had at the time, Tinker Bell and Captain Hook. Although he has outlived a few of his friends, he always welcomes any new ferret as a friend and cuddle buddy.

Crocodile came to us while we were in Paso Robles in the spring of 2021. The wildlife facility where we were temporarily housing our animals got a call about a ferret. A woman had taken over the care of a family member’s ferret when they fell too ill to continue caring for him. Well, the family member lived in Nevada and the woman lived in California. She was unaware of the fact that ferrets were illegal to have in California. She also did not know about how much work actually goes into caring for a ferret. When she realized that she had taken on too much, and that it was actually illegal to have the ferret, she did the responsible thing and started calling around to places to rehome him. When she called the wildlife facility, they immediately thought of us. They knew we already had two very beloved ferrets and asked if we would want to add another. We said yes! We love ferrets!  

Stella came to us while we were still at Zoo to You in Paso Robles. Zoo to You got a call about a ferret that had been confiscated by CA Fish & Wildlife. Ferrets are not legal to have as pets in California due to the possibility of them becoming an invasive species. Her previous owners tried to get her across the border to Nevada, but were not successful in finding an appropriate home for her.  At first she was supposed to have her forever home at Zoo to You, but she got along so well with our three boys- Peter Pan, Mr. Smee, and Crocodile, that we all agreed that it would be best for her to live the rest of her life with us and her new friends.  Stella has quite the personality and is the perfect match for our other two-year-old Crocodile. She can always be found snuggling with any of the three boys, and loves bounding around on the lawn for playtime.

We hope you get to meet Peter Pan, Crocodile, and Stella and their friends! You can meet the ferrets by booking an interaction.


Click here to see what interactions we have available.  Sponsor Peterpan, Crocodile, & Stella to donate to their care.

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