Milo & Otis the Opossums

Milo and Otis were found with the rest of their siblings completely alone. They were orphans. Usually in these cases something happened to the mom, so she will never be able to return to them. They were too small to be able to survive on their own so they were brought to a rehabber. The general rule with opossums is if they are less than 6 inches from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail then they are too little. These guys were teeny tiny. Their eyes weren't even open yet. Once they were brought back to health and a little bigger, the rehabber needed to find homes for them. We were in need of some opossums, so we said yes to these two cuties! Since these two were human raised and very accustomed to people, they may not be successful out in nature, so they get to live with us for life. They have the important role of being educational ambassadors for their species. They go all over to teach the public why we should all love opossums and why we really do want these guys around.

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