Hailstorm the Hedgehog

Hailstorm came to us in 2019. He was a pet that was responsibly surrendered to us by his previous owner. As cute as they are, hedgehogs are illegal to own as pets in California. They are insectivores, and if released into the environment, could outcompete our native insectivores and become a nuisance to our ecosystem. The African Pygmy Hedgehog, which is the species that Hailstorm is, are native to the savannahs of west, central, and east Africa. This nocturnal animal comes out at night to find delicious grubs to snack on and play an important role in controlling the insect populations in their ecosystem. They can even eat scorpions, wasps, and venomous snakes as they are more resistant to toxins than other animals. Hedgehogs will do a behavior called self-anointing where they find a unique scent and form a froth from it with their mouth and spread it over their body. The reasoning for this is not completely known but is thought to be used as scent camouflage. Hailstorm loves finding extra stinky things to self-anoint with when we bring him out to explore new areas!

Out in nature hedgehogs only live to be about 2 years and can live anywhere between 5-8 years in human care. Wildworks has always loved caring for hedgehogs as they are a very unique animal and come with important educational messages. They are also adorable!

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