Gizmo the Opossum

Gizmo came to us in the summer of 2021 while we were still in Paso Robles. He was found in someone's backyard. He was too small to be on his own and was emaciated and anemic. He was near death. Someone brought him to Zoo to You and we said we would take care of him. We have a little extra love for opossums. 


For the first week Gizmo required round-the-clock care. He needed to be fed very small meals every couple of hours to help him gain weight back. He also needed multiple baths to get rid of the hundreds of fleas that had taken up residence on this poor little baby opossum. We was in such a bad state that we were unsure he would even make it. After about a week, he finally started noticeably gaining weight and was starting to finally get some pink in his poor little white nose.

Gizmo is now a very happy and healthy opossum. He is thriving in his new home in Coarsegold and has great potential to become an ambassador opossum. He will hopefully start showing his adorable face at educational outreach presentations to teach the community about the importance of opossums. We hope you'll get to meet him!

If you would like to contribute to Gizmo's care you should consider sponsoring him! Without your generous donations we would not be able to continue caring for all of these wonderful animals.

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See Gizmo Growing Up!