Dave the Flemish Giant Rabbit

Dave came to us in the fall of 2020. We got him from a friend who is a very responsible rabbit breeder because we wanted a friend for Peter Buns. He came to us right during the transition from Topanga to Arizona. He got along with Peter very well at the beginning but once he started to become an adult bunny, they decided they wanted to live separate lives. They now live in side by side enclosures where they get to see and sniff each other, but not be in the same space.

Dave Bunny also enjoys being a house bunny from time to time and hanging with the dogs. Did you know that rabbits can actually be litter trained? They can make great house pets, but one of the biggest problems domestic rabbits face is overpopulation in animal shelters. People think it's a great idea to get their kids bunnies for Easter, but then realize they don't actually know how to properly care for them. We greatly encourage adopting a bunny for a pet, but make sure you do your research first! They certainly take a lot of time and care.

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