Crocodile the Domestic Ferret

Crocodile came to us while we were in Paso Robles in the spring of 2021. The wildlife facility where we were temporarily housing our animals got a call about a ferret. A woman had taken over the care of a family member’s ferret when they fell too ill to continue caring for him. Well, the family member lived in Nevada and the woman lived in California. She was unaware of the fact that ferrets were illegal to have in California. She also did not know about how much work actually goes into caring for a ferret. When she realized that she had taken on too much, and that it was actually illegal to have the ferret, she did the responsible thing and started calling around to places to rehome him. When she called the wildlife facility, they immediately thought of us. They knew we already had two very beloved ferrets and asked if we would want to add another. We said yes! We love ferrets!

Crocodile came to us as a rambunctious two-year-old. He was a little too much for our little old men, Peter Pan and Mr. Smee. We started their introductions slow. Only allowing 15-minute supervised play dates at first. Eventually Crocodile learned that he couldn’t be too rough with the little old men, and Peter Pan and Mr. Smee finally accepted them into the group. They spend their days together, but Crocodile still gets taken to his own place at night to give Peter Pan and Mr. Smee some alone time, and some time to eat. Crocodile sure has an appetite!

We hope you get to meet Crocodile and his friends! You can meet the ferrets by booking an interaction. Click here to see what interactions we have available.

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