Allen the Dwarf Rex Bunny

We got Allen from a responsible bunny breeder after Betty White lost her companion, Walter. When it comes to introducing an adult female to another bunny, it is easiest to get a baby male bunny. Rabbits are highly territorial and will fight each other if another unknown rabbit comes into their territory. This is the reason why we decided to go with a reliable and responsible rabbit breeder. We needed to know we were getting a baby male rabbit for Betty White.

Allen went home with his caretakers at the beginning because he was too small to be left on his own and had supervised play dates with Betty. The supervised play dates always happened in a neutral space (not Betty's home) to avoid any territorial behaviors from Betty. Betty was always a little hesitant to go in the crate to be transport to her dates, but Allen was the perfect gentleman and would always go in the crate first to make Betty feel comfortable.

Once they were fully comfortable with each other, we turned their neutral space into their new home and they were finally able to move in together. Allen and Betty lived a happy life together always grooming each other, playing, and snuggling. They both made the move to Arizona, but unfortunately Betty's age (we never knew how old she was) seemed to catch up to her and she passed away. Bunnies love having companions, so Allen's new companion is in the works.

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