Feed A Friend

The furred and feathered residents at
The Nature of Wildworks would like to invite you to enrich their lives in a unique way.

Needless to say, each and every bird and mammal cared for at our wildlife center loves  to eat.

Now, through our new Feed a Friend program, you can directly provide a healthy diet and special treats for your favorite Wildworks critter(s).

It’s Easy!

Please click here to help support the animal of your choice now!


The Nature of Wildworks relies 100%
on the generosity of friends like you.

Some of our many generous sponsors:

Regan Nelson--Monthly sponsor for Bobby the Bobcat and Fern the Grey Fox

Alex Beguin-- ongoing monthly sponsor for Hootie the Great Horned Owl
Steven Brattman--Pirate the Mountain Lion and Bobby the Bobcat for one month
Lorie Zerweck--Cliff the Mountain Lion for 6 months
Heaven Alejo-- Hedgehog for one year
Kristin Byrne--Lifetime sponsor for Kinkajou and Pablo the Bobcat
Robin Benson--Pirate the Mountain Lion and Harry the Raccoon for one month
Jennifer Leech--Queen the Harris Hawk for one month
Marsha Houston-Monthly sponsor
Catherine Russo-- Harry the Raccoon for one month
Ben and Forest Saul -- Jake the Gopher Snake for 6 months
David Jones-- Envy the Mountain Lion lifetime sponsor
Monica Dunahee -- Lifetime satellite sponsor for Special Needs Squirrel Oscar

Thank you for your continuing support.

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