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Give the gift of experience with one of our
on- site classes at Wildworks!

Now available on select days and times, the following on-site classes offer a unique educational opportunity for adults and children 8 years or older! These are private classes available per 90 minute session. Treat yourself, your child, significant other, or special friend to this unforgettable learning experience. A mini-tour of the Wildworks facility is included. All classes are weather permitting.



Clicker training is a science-based way to communicate with animals that has been used since the 1960's. It's easy to learn. You can clicker train any kind of animal of any age  including dogs, cats, birds, horses, fish and wild and exotic animals, as well—like foxes! In this class the student will learn and practice positive reinforcement training techniques using a clicker and treats. We will work with several of the animals on-site including a fox, a goat and the most trainable animal of all, a young Aussie shepherd named “Star”. Clicker training info will be emailed prior to the class so you can come prepared and ready to click!


Class fee: $95 per person / Auditor $45



Falconry is an ancient hunting tradition that has fascinated people for 4000 years. It is a sport that creates a unique interaction between human handler and feathered hunter. In this class students will learn first-hand the methods used in training a bird of prey, including the proper use of equipment such as leather gloves, swivels and leashes and how to tie a falconers knot!  You will learn to handle a bird of prey such as an American kestrel, or barn owl and we will fly the most popular hawking bird in the world, the Harris’s Hawk.


Class Fee: $95 per person  / Auditor $45


Behavioral Enrichment is a term familiar to animal keepers in the zoo field and nowadays its popularity is increasing throughout the world of animals. Simply defined, behavioral enrichment-- or B.E for short-- is the art (and science) of creating interesting and stimulating environments for our animals. Here at our Wildlife Center we do this on a daily basis. In this class you will learn and participate in the various techniques we use to “entertain” our critters and enrich their lives. We will use feeding strategies, social enhancement, and positive reinforcement training and you will “take a walk on the wild side” with your instructor and one of our wild residents.


Class fee: $125 / Auditor $45


Learn how to train wild and exotic cats using positive training and protected contact techniques. “Protected contact” was formally developed in the 1980’s by marine mammal trainers who expanded its use to zoo animals. This technique offers a safe, interesting and fun way to interact with your wild subject. The class will allow participants an up close and personal experience with the wild, exotic and domestic cats of Wildworks and for the finale you will take a walk with an African serval.


Class fee: $125 per person / Auditor $45


HORSIN' AROUNDStar and Knight 2015 (1)

Over the past twenty years Wildworks has housed and cared for a small "herd" of horses. The group has always lived in a large pen adjacent to the Wildlife Center, and for our founder, Mollie Hogan, the horses are her passion. There is so much to learn about these huge and beautiful animals and now this spring and fall we've decided to share them with you through an educational visit that we're calling...Horsin' AroundIn our newest on-site class, participants will meet, greet, groom, handle and train our three beautiful Arabian horses Chess, Knight, and Glory.

Introductions Please!

L1090085[1]aChess is a chestnut Arabian gelding who has lived here most of his life. With flaxen mane and tail, four white feet and a star on his forehead to match, he truly stands out in a crowd. Chess excels at doing tricks for treats and gets oh so excited when he's asked to wave or rear-up for a carrot.

Knight 2014 tmKnight is a grey Andalusian/Arabian cross  and he's the tallest of the three. Knight is elegant and goofy all at the same time, dancing around on his long, strong legs but always stopping to kiss any face in the crowd. Although he was almost black as a foal, Knight is gradually growing into his pure white adult coat. As he gets closer his almost white hair is needing special care!



P1060418Our newest addition, Be Glorious V (AKA Glory), is a fancy and sweet-as-can-be bay Arabian mare. The "V" stands for Varian which means that Glory was bred by the famous Sheila Varian, founder of Varian Arabian Farms. Glory has the thickest black mane and tail that you'll ever brush and a super-shiny coat to match. She's the girl...so she's the boss!


Horsin' Around Topics will include:Species informationEquine behaviorManners around horses Basic care of the horse: feeding, cleaning, grooming and hoof care, veterinary needsTack: the use of halters, lead ropes, saddles, bridles and bits. Training: Students will learn to halter, lead and tie a horse, pick up feet for cleaning, how to mount and dismount and trick training techniques for fun!This class can be scheduled as a private session for one person or for groups up to 5. Classes are 90 mins in length and are scheduled between 2:00pm and 5:00 pm 7 days a week.  A mini - tour of the wildlife center is included.


Class fee: $95 per person / Auditor $45 (up to 5 participants at a time)

Quotes from class participants:

“Wrestling with lively, loving Boxer the serval and getting to pet sweet Pirate the mountain lion were the highlights for me, though I was equally impressed to see how smart mountain lion Cliff is.  Thanks for giving us your private tour.  I hope to return for more ASAP!

--Steven Brattman

" Thank you so much, Mollie, for the wonderful time with you and your beautiful wild ones. The Falconry Class was truly a special and educational experience for me. Please let me know of any other future classes  that you can offer. I hope to see you again soon. "

--Sheryl Lee


***All classes include a mini-tour of The Nature of Wildworks Wildlife Center

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To schedule and sign up now email Mollie Hogan directly at mollie@natureofwildworks.org

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